Welding Symbols Quick Card by Builder's Book Inc.

Welding Symbols Quick Card

Book Title: Welding Symbols Quick Card

Publisher: Builder's Book Inc.

ISBN: 1889892742

Author: Builder's Book Inc.

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Builder's Book Inc. with Welding Symbols Quick Card

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Welding Symbols Quick-Card by Builder's Book
This new, six-page, full-color water resistant card quickly covers essential welding symbols used in architectural plans and engineering drawings. Includes several quick lookup tables
In most cases, symbols are shown for plan view, and where alternatives are commonly in use, multiple symbols are shown. Typical notation formats are also included.
  • Weld Joints and Positions
  • Types of Joints
  • Types of Welds
  • ISO Symbols
  • AWS Symbols
  • Typical Welding Symbols
  • Basic Joints Identification of Arrow Side and Other Side of Joint
  • Location of Welding Symbol Elements
  • Weld Joints and Types
  • Common Welding Elements
  • Designation of Welding Processes by Letters
  • Designation of Cutting Processes by Letters
  • Structural Steel Shapes
  • Unit Prefixes English Conversion
  • Metric English Conversion
  • Greek Symbols