Start With Why: by Simon Sinek | Summary & Analysis by Elite Summaries

Start With Why: by Simon Sinek | Summary & Analysis

Book Title: Start With Why: by Simon Sinek | Summary & Analysis

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 153475606X

Author: Elite Summaries

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Start With Why: by Simon Sinek | Summary & Analysis

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Simon Sinek’s book explains what it is that those apparently born leaders do that makes them so successful. He explains how leaders are not necessarily born; that they can be made. Sinek reveals how any of us can learn what the world’s “born” leaders do that most people don’t. This is a “must read” book for anyone who wants to lead their organization to success.
What is the great secret that puts one person or organization way out in front of the rest? How do they get to be so much more innovative and successful and remain so, whatever their competitors do? Well, the answer is that asking questions is a good start but they have to be the right questions. Sinek tells us that the most vital question is “WHY.”
In business, it is obviously a good idea to know what you do. You need to know how you do it. But most important of all is to know WHY you do what you do. In “Start with Why,” the author explains that it’s the basic question all the great leaders in business, social reform, or any other field asked themselves right at the beginning. He examines such leaders as Steve Jobs, Richard Branson or Martin Luther King and notes that they all applied the same thinking and started from the same question:”WHY?”
The book goes on to show us how to apply this principle in our own businesses. It explains how to get from “what?” to “how?” and on to “WHY?” Why are we doing what we do rather than something else? Read the book, apply its lessons and you could be the next Jobs or Branson. The sky’s no longer the limit!

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